Before & After Pics

We use Australia's highest legal limit of carbamide peroxide in our kits. This means great results quicker and safer.

Be wary of super cheap kits (this stuff can't be made for cheap), kits with a lesser amount of carbamide peroxide (it will take far longer to get results) or kits where the whitening ingredient is non-peroxide such as sodium bicarbonate (it's just baking soda).

With the Love My Teeth kits you can expect results similar to the below photos. Grab a kit now and you'll be shouting I LOVE MY TEETH in no time!

Customer: 20 something female
Lifestyle: Multiple coffees per day


Customer: 48-year-old female
Lifestyle: Alcohol, coffee, tea, coca cola and previously a smoker for over a decade


Customer: 26-year-old male
Lifestyle: Alcohol, coffee, tea, coca cola and casual smoker


Customer: 23-year-old female
Lifestyle: Alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks

Customer: 18-year old female
Lifestyle: Coca Cola/soft drinks


Customer: 32-year-old male
Lifestyle: Alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks

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