If you are just starting your YouTube journey, the things you need to worry about are building an audience and getting more and more views as well as likes. This will generally increase your YouTube support. We have compiled eight tips for you to follow in order to have a successful experience vlogging.

1.         Appealing video titles

To achieve your YouTube goals, the first thing you need to do is seek your viewer’s attention. When deciding a title there are two things you should keep in mind. First, the title you choose should be appealing to the viewers so much so that they are convinced to click and view your video. Second, your title should contain appropriate keywords so that Google and YouTube Search engines can find your video.

2.         Links to your social media pages

You should add descriptions to your videos in which you should link your videos to your social media pages. This helps you in many ways. It enables your YouTube viewers to have an insight on what’s going on in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can give the viewers a glimpse of your personal life. This is a step forward to get engaged more with the viewers rather than just getting likes and comments. This way they can stay updated and get involved in conversation there, making your following a real community.

3.         Get involved with communities

Do not view other video bloggers as your competition. Rather, take them as a support that can actually help you be even better in your field. You should learn from the experiences of vloggers who are senior in the field. Collaborate with them as their advice and tips can immensely help you grow.

4.         Build a vlogging brand

Your perspective should not only be focused on having more likes and subscriptions, but also focus on building a brand name for yourself. Make a logo for your YouTube channel and put a short tagline in every video of yours. Use specific colours in all your channels and social media profiles. You can also make merchandise with your brand and present it through every channel. This way you will create brand awareness and will be recognised more.

5.         Use an outstanding camera

Although it’s feasible to utilise the camera on your smartphone, it’s not a piece of ideal equipment for vlogging. A separate camera for the purpose is a much better choice as it will enable you to create better videos. You can also put to use selfie ring lights for the purpose.

6.         Ending of your videos

If the audience has watched your entire video, odds are that they would want to know more about you. Thus, you should accompany all your videos with ‘a call to action’. This is the guidance you should give your viewers for what they should do next. For example, statements like ‘do tell us your thoughts by commenting below’, or ‘Check out my Facebook page and Instagram for behind the scenes’ will have surprising effects.

7.         Engage with the viewers

Don’t forget to appreciate your audience and thank them for supporting you. Show them how important they are to you. Give them shout outs and ask them questions. Also plan live sessions, meet-ups and respond to their comments as often as you can.

8.         Be your true self

Be honest in your videos and do not portray to be what you are not. People will be more interested in you if you be as real as possible and get involved with them.