Protect your Teeth and Save the Environment with Wooden Cutlery

In recent years, the graph for environmental changes and hazards has been on a rise. Due to many different phenomena such as global warming, the environment and us humans are exposed to many dangers. The rise in heat is leading to melting ice, which is leading to rising water levels.  All of this damage is caused by us humans. We tend to produce tons and tons of garbage each year that is non-recyclable. This not only damages the environment but also leads to a rise in the temperature levels.

All of this may be detrimental to the environment, but it is also very harmful to humans too. It may even lead to human extinction in the worst-case scenario. We need to change that. A way we can change that is by making small, but meaningful changes in our lives. For example, by eliminating plastic. We can use wooden toothbrushes, paper or glass plates, wooden cutlery sets and much more. This is will not only help the environment, but will also protect our teeth.

There are a few different advantages of using wooden cutlery which not only benefit you, but also the environment. The first advantage is that it is made from 100% compostable material. This means that when it is thrown away or disposed off, in just little time it becomes a part of our ecosystem. Unlike plastic which takes thousands of years to compost. Another advantage of wooden cutlery is that it looks trendy and aesthetic. These days, people focus more on what looks good on Instagram than anything else. These cutlery pieces look trendy and charming when it comes to pictures and adds an element of uniqueness.

Bamboo cutlery, in particular, holds a few advantages for your oral health too. It is said to be antimicrobial. This means that it has the power to naturally eliminate bacteria and other harm causing organisms. If there are any bacteria in your food, it may be killed by the properties of the bamboo.

However, with choosing wooden cutlery, there are a few aspects you need to be careful of. It is always best to choose manufacturers that are well known in the field. This is because, at times, the wood can be recycled or could be Cyprus which is not safe for handling food. Also reusing this cutlery is a big no because when the moisture seeps into the wood, it may cause bacteria to grow. This is why it is always important to never re-use it.

Wooden cutlery has many benefits for us, the environment and our teeth. This is a small step by us towards giving back to the environment and trying to protect it in any way we can. If people slowly start using wooden cutlery instead of plastic cutlery, there can be a huge positive impact on the environmental. However, for this to happen, wooden cutlery needs to be readily available at affordable prices.