Reasons Why a Hip replacement Surgery May be Required

Your body largely depends on your hips and knees. This is why we usually experience mobility issues when we suffer severe knee or hip injuries. Sometimes, these injuries leave a life-long impact and other times, they can simply be cured through minor or major surgeries such as the hip replacement surgery for hip-related injuries.

However, you should be aware of the cases that actually need surgeries. Bear in mind, surgeries are not for everyone and they must be done after a proper diagnosis.

The question is how to know if you actually require a hip replacement surgery or your pain will just go away with exercises and medication?

Here are the cases where you actually require hip replacement surgery.

  • Hip Fracture

This happens when the upper part of your thigh bone breaks. This happens if you get into an accident, fall, or in an event with excess pressure on your thighs. The first ever sign of a fracture is generally excruciating pain followed by severe mobility issues. No medication or random first-aid will help with this. Osteoporosis patients are also at a higher risk of experiencing such fractures.

Minor fractures don’t really require a replacement surgery but severe ones do. This is for your doctors to decide.

  • Chronic Arthritis

Arthritis is no longer a rare disease. It occurs due to the inflammation of joints and the pain is often unbearable. People who suffer arthritis in hip often experience stiffness, chronic pain, and they also feel instability in their hip bone. However, the disease can be mild or severe just like any other illness in this world. The pains get even worse as winters arrive. No doubt, winter can take a toll on your body. Mild arthritis can be dealt with medication but for severe cases with extreme pain, you may require a total hip replacement surgery.  

  • Degenerative Changes

It is no surprise that your body goes through several changes as you age. One of the major changes is in the functioning of your body. A lot of adults start experiencing joint pains as they head towards their old ages. Knees and hip bone are often the main target of degeneration. The severity of the pain may depend on the person’s immunity and lifestyle.

Degeneration also occurs due to constant wear and tear. It makes the hip joint become badly worn out. This is then followed by chronic pain that you are left with no choice but to get a hip replacement surgery done.

Hip replacement surgery is something huge and should not be decided in a hurry. You must watch your symptoms and consult with an experienced doctor in this field. The doctor may conduct several tests including x-rays to figure out whether you actually need a replacement surgery or just a few medicines.

Make sure you have a proper understanding of hip replacement surgery before you actually get it done. At least you would know what you are getting into and it will make you feel less anxious. Feel free to talk to people who have actually gotten it done. If done right, you will be seeing positive results in your body after hip replacement surgery.