Best Outfit Ideas for Christmas Parties

Christmas season is the most festive season around the year and a lot of thought process goes into what to wear on the various Christmas dinners and parties that follow. Unlike the rest of the world, Christmas trends in Australia are quite different as December is the peak summertime in Australia.

Summer Christmas outfit ideas are so versatile. From mini-skirts to shorts and even long flowy dresses, or flannels and pants paired with a variety of tops, you can choose from countless outfits for an Australian Christmas.

Here we have listed some of the best outfit ideas for Christmas parties this season.

  1. Jumpsuits: jumpsuits might not be all to practical when it comes to attending nature’s call, but they are the trendy and classy and give a bold style statement when you wear them. Wear an all-red jumpsuit to fit the festive Christmas season or better go for the dark green colour paired with some statement earrings. A jumpsuit with a single bare shoulder or bareback will add more style and aura to your outfit.
  2. Slit Dresses: Long slit dresses are always a favourite. At least they are mine when it comes to getting dressed up. Since its Christmas, dress up nice with a long slit dress and pair it with high heels. You could opt from a range of solid colours, sequins or even bold prints. Shop party dresses at Miss Runway Boutique for ready to wear outfits.
  3. Cocktail Dresses: Mini cocktail dresses or skirts are also a great outfit for Christmas parties especially if it’s an outdoor event or a daytime event. You can choose to wear sandals or even high heels whichever suits you best.
  4. Keeping it Casual: If it is a casual dress code, pair denim jeans or simple leather pants with a solid coloured or neon top and rock the look with sneakers.

In addition to these dress suggestions, we also have additional tip for when you dress up this Christmas season

Wear High Heels: What’s better than wearing your best high heels during Christmas festivities. Since the season is all about dressing up and putting up a strong style game, wear high heels with your dresses.

Look Smart & Confident: Even if the dress code says causal, don’t walk in wearing ultra-casual clothes. Improve your dress-up game, with some trendy pants, sneakers and amazing accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Wear Christmas Itself: No that doesn’t mean you go dressed like a Santa Clause, but what you can do is include at least one or two items in your outfit in the Christmas colors of red, green, black or white. You could choose to wear mono chromo stripes paired with a green or red clutch.

Accessorize: Don’t just put all your focus on the dress, accessorize well. If your outfit doesn’t have a shimmer to it, add a glamorous belt or maybe some shiny accessories to create a dazzling look.