6 Yoga Poses Runners Should Avoid

Most runners find yoga to be a spectacularly healthy addition to their workout routine, yoga helps to increase the productivity of the body parts that traditionally get tight because of our laziness, and it is also beneficial for strengthening the muscles of our body and also minimizes the compounding pressures of running. Not to forget all of the advantages that yoga provide to our mental health as well.

While yoga deals with the pulling and pushing of muscles, among other things, you would also need a comfortable yoga costume and you can shop online at Jaggad activewear.  Let us remind the fact that not everybody is as flexible as yoga requires them to be. In the past, if yoga has caused you any kind of injury before, then you must be very cautious while trying new yoga poses as it can be having adverse effects on your healthy body.


Meanwhile having a lot of potential benefits, yoga can results in adversity if perceived beyond the limits, here’s a list of problems that you may encounter with these six yoga poses:


For beginners, trying this pose is equal to crossing the danger line; the eagle pose can put a great deal of pressure onto your joint. When trying this pose, remember to stay attentive to get only the benefits and avoid any injuries.


This particular pose, is very eccentric and must be avoided in all circumstances because sinking into this pose can put a lot of pressure on your lower back and creates irritation.  Experts recommend pushing both the feet on the ground to create balance and stability. Consider placing a pillow beneath your bottom knee to offer more support.


While this pose can be wonderfully introspective, it can injure your lower back especially if the back muscles of your legs are tight, learning to do them correctly turns out beneficial but avoiding the pose is a much better decision.


It might be difficult to sit in this posture for long for the beginners and it will be torture for the knees too. Avoid attempting this pose or you’ll face the consequences.


Among other harmful poses, the pigeon pose can be highly dangerous; this pose is not for the beginners as well as the runners who don’t have a much flexible body because the pose involves hyper-flexion and rotation at the knee and these two can lead to serious back injuries. 


 The posture is very tricky, and definitely it is a risk to try this one, a lot of pressure on the neck and also comprises the spine. To remain fit and healthy it’s better to avoid this pose and work on the potential ones.

While yoga is generally beneficial for the wellbeing, these poses can cause problems with professional runners which is why physicians recommend they don’t try these yoga poses.