8 Hotel Safety Tips Travelers Shouldn’t Ignore

Traveling doesn’t only bring the fun with it, but also a great responsibility. Whether you are traveling solo or with your family, safety is always the first and foremost priority. The primary concern while traveling is better and safe accommodation. Whatever your destination is, you’ll need a nicer and safer place to sleep and leave your belongings while you are out and about.

When staying in a hotel, we must be vigilant and responsible enough to ensure our safety instead of relying solely on the hotel management. Here are some safety tips for you if you are traveling and staying in a hotel sometime soon.

  1. Do your homework:

Do not make last-minute decisions and choose a hotel in hurry. Do all the necessary research on the internet and pick one with better reviews and customer feedback. Also check if the area the hotel is located in, is safe and doesn’t have a high crime rate. It’s better to have sound knowledge about the places you are going to visit.

  • Take responsibility for your luggage:

Keep your luggage close to you and trust no one. When in the process of checking-in, you are dealing with the front desk manager and getting your room keys, keep an eye on your luggage, and do not leave it unattended. You never know if some sly thief is waiting for his chance to get away with your valuables.

  • Don’t place your credit card on the counter:

It is a risky business if you place your credit card on the front desk counter, anyone could be keeping an eye on you and can grab it and run away within seconds. So, make sure it doesn’t happen.

  • Don’t Choose the Ground Floor:

Try not to take a room on the ground floor since it is more vulnerable to emergencies like a fire trap and most suitable to get broken into. Although, on the upper floors, it is not convenient to go through the hassle of using an elevator, and in the worst-case scenario if the lift is not working, you have to use stairs, the upper floors are comparatively safer.

  • Carefully check your room before you unpack:

Take a room tour and inspect everything, thoroughly. See if the window and door locks are properly functional. Also, check if your bathroom has a properly functioning toilet and the TV and air conditioning remotes are also handy. Carefully examine the door locks as well. Also, check for the cameras in the corners and on the walls.

  • Keep an emergency light closer to you:

Your hotel room must have an emergency light and it doesn’t, ask them to provide one. Even you can have your emergency light. It’s handy and doesn’t cost much. In the case of an electricity outage or any other issue, you should have it within reach.

  • Don’t open your door at once:

You must not open your screen doors without confirming who’s knocking and just don’t open to any strange voice or if you are not expecting anyone, especially at odd hours. In such a case, call the front desk to verify.

  •  Trick others by putting up your ‘Do not disturb card’:

Put up a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ sign card on your door especially when you go out, even if you go down to visit the hotel spa or a restaurant downstairs, It will keep the bandits away as if you are inside. Also, you can leave the TV on with high volume to trick them.