How to plan for a surprise birthday party?

Planning a birthday party can be a difficult task. Not only does it have to be epic, but it needs to be a secret from your loved one. This can prove to be a difficult task and almost all of us need some help while planning it. This is why we have come up with a few handy tips that will help you set up the best surprise birthday party for your best friend, sister, or significant other.

  1. Personalized Theme

To make the birthday party a huge success, you need to have a theme in mind according to which all the arrangements will take place. By choosing a theme for the party, you give an ode to the special person’s choices, likes and their favorites. The theme could range from a location to their favorite TV shows, to movies, and more. A theme would make it easier for you to plan out everything as you would know the decided color scheme, the type of decorations you would want, and other details. You could rent the best decor to suit your theme too.

  • Venue

Every party needs a venue. This one will need to be special as it will be a secret. Many people plan surprise parties outside their homes just to ensure that the person who the party is being thrown for does not find out. However, it depends on the guest list you have made. If you have fewer people coming, then a backyard party or even a home party could suffice. But if the group is larger, we suggest booking a hotel party room or a local hall instead.

  • Sneaky invites

As the person you are throwing the party for will most definitely know all the people you are inviting to their event, you need to be extremely discreet with the invites. We suggest doing it either through social applications like Whatsapp or doing it in person when the person who the party is for isn’t present. You should also make sure that everyone is aware that it is a surprise party and do not ruin the surprise.

  • Alibi

Now the person who the party is for will get serious as to where you are spending all these hours while you prepare for the party. We suggest you have a strong alibi prepared for such a situation. You could come up with a project that you need to work on and give them daily updates. We suggest that you let all the guests know in advance that this is a surprise party and make sure that none of them let the cat out of the bag. We also suggest planning a fake event for another day just to throw the person off your trail.

  • Food

Food is one of the most important parts of a party and a secret surprise party is no exception. If you want to go all out, we suggest you include a dessert station or a dessert wall, otherwise a cake will also suffice, but make sure your guests eat in moderation to prevent tooth decay. We also suggest that you opt for finger food at such events as they are easier to eat and simpler to handle. Take a look at The Bespoke Chef for more details.